Using emulators-ui components

emulators-ui is a set of components that used to create js-dos player. You can use them one by one. In this example you will learn how to use parts of emulators-ui with three.js renderer.

For this example you should add emulators.js and emulators-ui.js:

<script src="/v7/build/releases/latest/emulators/emulators.js"></script>
<script src="/v7/build/releases/latest/emulators-ui/emulators-ui.js"></script>
emulators.pathPrefix = "/v7/build/releases/latest/emulators/";

Complete example:


EmulatorsUi components

Abstraction over XHR to download bundles by url

const bundle = await<url>);


Default audio processor, it will play sound using AudioNode



This function transfrom DOM keyCode to jsdos keyCode.

const jsdosKeyCode = emulatorsUi.controls.domToKeyCode(<dom-keycode>);


export class EmulatorsUi {
dom = {
layers, // DOM components that used by js-dos player
network = {
resolveBundle, // GET request to download bundles
graphics = {
webGl, // default webgl renderer
sound = {
audioNode, // default audio processor
controls = {
domToKeyCode, // function to convert DOM keycodes into dosbox keycodes
keyboard, // default keyboard processor
nippleArrows, // touch joystick translated to arrow keys