js-dos v7

The simpliest API to run DOS games in browser

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js-dos was designed from the ground up to be easily installed and used to get your DOS program up and running in browser quickly.
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emulators-ui is a default set of components that used to build js-dos player ui. You can reuse them to build your custom DOS player.
Creating three.js player

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emulators is a core of js-dos, it has standardized api and can run emulation in different environments. Perfect solution for custom embedding.
Estimating performance

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bundles repository

Community driven js-dos repository contains
2000+ bundles are ready to run in browser
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DOS.Zone is a kitchen sink application that demonstrate all features of js-dos v7
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turbo mode

js-dos can communicate with Web-RTC backend to play DOS games in the cloud. No matter which hardware you use all dos games will work smoothly.
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