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js-dos was designed from the ground up to be easily installed and used to get your DOS program up and running in browser quickly.

js-dos v7 includes:

  • js-dos bundle - universal package format that js-dos understands
  • js-dos (top layer) - npm package that combines everything to run a DOS program in browser. js-dos provide additional services like storing saves on backend.
  • emulators-ui (middle layer) - npm package, a set of virtual controls and sound components to render emulator output in browser.
  • emulators (bottom layer) - npm package, that provide emulator backends which can work in different environments.

You can use this three layers separetely. For example:

  • you can use only emulators package to run DOS on node
  • or you can use emulators-ui package to build custom DOS player on three.js. Moreover js-dos package is built using emulators + emulators-ui packages
  • in most cases using js-dos package is simplest way to run DOS in browser

Bundles repository#

Visit our repository that contains 1900+ already created bundles of dos games.

Getting started#

Once you have a jsdos bundle you can easily run it. To do this follow-on site getting started menu.