js-dos v7 is still under development and some features are not ready; for example you can't use a mouse yet. Please use js-dos 6.22 for production projects.

js-dos was designed from the ground up to be easily installed and used to get your DOS program up and running in browser quickly.

js-dos v7 includes:

  • js-dos bundle - universal package format that js-dos understands
  • emulators - npm package, that provide emulator backends which can work in different environments
  • emulators-ui - npm package, a set of ui and sound components to render emulator output in browser
  • js-dos - npm package that combines everything to run a DOS program in browser

To start DOS program you need to prepare js-dos bundle. You can easily create it, or get one of already did by community.

Download digger.jsdos if you want to start quickly.

Bundles repository

Visit our repository that contains 1500+ already created bundles of dos games. You can contribute in it.

Getting started

Once you have a jsdos bundle you can easily run it. To do this follow on site getting started menu.