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js-dos cloud

js-dos offers cloud services that improves user experience. They includes:

  • Storing saves in cloud, that means you can restore your progress on any browser.
  • Networking that allows you to play multiplayer dos games.

Cloud service provided by js-dos is free to use. To activate cloud services you need to provide cliend id to js-dos.


If you set client id then js-dos will save bundle changes in cloud.

To set client id you should supply login function to js-dos options like this:

Dos(<element>, {
clientId: (userGesture) => {
if (!userGesture) {
return Promise.resolve(null); // <-- return cached { namespace, id } or null
return Promise.resolve({
namespace: "test", // <-- your namespace
id: "client", // <-- some id of user

userGesture variable indicates if login request made by user (true) or by js-dos itself. If userGesture === true then you can show login dialog, in other case it's better to avoid showing any UI, but it up on you.

If everything is correct you will see current client id in js-dos settings. Also, you will be able to download saves. Like on screenshot: