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Contributing in client-side features

To contribute to the emulators-ui package do the following:

  1. Checkout emulators-ui repository

    git clone

  2. Install gulp 4

  3. Now you can build everything with gulp command

Adding new client-side features#

js-dos has an optional config file that you can put in js-dos bundle. This file should be in json format. It can contain any information you want and it accessible from Command Interface:

const ci = await Dos(/*element*/).run(/*bundle url*/);
const config = await ci.config();

Let's understand how layers are implemented in js-dos. First, layers have special configuration that stored in jsdos.json file, it's looks like:

// ...
"layers": [
"grid": "honeycomb",
"title": "Layer#0",
"controls": [
"row": 0,

When js-dos starting it waits until config file is read and configure gestures layer according to its configuration.

async run(bundleUrl: string): Promise<CommandInterface> {
const bundle = await;
this.ciPromise = emulators.dosWorker(bundle);
const ci = await this.ciPromise;
const config = await ci.config();
// ...
// (config as any).layers
// ...

You can do in same way:

  • You can add some information to config file
  • You can access it in your client code

Doing this does not require changing the native part of js-dos.