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emulators-ui and js-dos bundles support configuring touch controls for mobile. It can map simple gestures like: left, right, up, down swipes and tap for two fingers.

To enable gestures support, you need to add gestures section in jsdos.json. In that case js-dos will automatically configure gestures support.


You can directly create nipple control like in Digger example.

Each gesture should conform following interface:

export type Event =
"dir:up" | "dir:down" | "dir:left" | "dir:right" |
"plain:up" | "plain:down" | "plain:left" | "plain:right" |
"end:release" | "tap";
export interface EventMapping {
joystickId: 0 | 1,
event: Event,
mapTo: number;

For example, digger configuration is:

const mapping = [
{ joystickId: 0, event: "dir:up", mapTo: 265 /*KBD_up*/ },
{ joystickId: 0, event: "dir:down", mapTo: 264 /*KBD_down*/ },
{ joystickId: 0, event: "dir:left", mapTo: 263 /*KBD_left*/ },
{ joystickId: 0, event: "dir:right", mapTo: 262 /*KBD_right*/ },
{ joystickId: 0, event: "tap", mapTo: 290 /*KBD_f1*/ },
{ joystickId: 1, event: "tap", mapTo: 290 /*KBD_f1*/ },
emulatorsUi.controls.nipple(layers, ci, mapping);

Digger configuration:

  • Moving finger up will map to key "UP".
  • Moving finger left will map to key "LEFT".
  • Moving finger right will map to key "RIGHT".
  • Moving finger down will map to key "DOWN".
  • Tap with finger will map to key "F1"

Supported gestures#

dir gesture#

When a direction is reached after the threshold. Direction are split with a 45° angle.

// \ UP /
// \ /
// / \
// /DOWN \

plain gesture#

When a plain direction is reached after the threshold. Plain directions are split with a 90° angle.

// UP |
// ------ LEFT | RIGHT
// DOWN |


Synthetic gesture, means that the key pressed by (dir or plain) should be released at the end of gesture. By default it will be pressed until a new gesture is detected.

tap gesture#

When the user taps on the screen by finger.


You can use Game Studio to easily configure gestures.


Under the hood awesome nipplejs is used. Many thanks!