As said in Overview js-dos bundle is a ZIP archive with game files and configuration files.



File .jsdos/dosbox.conf is required. js-dos would not start if this file does not exists.

This file is a regular dosbox configuration. Not all features are supported, but we will work on it.


This file contains additional configuration that not exists in dosbox configuration file. For example, it's used to configure gestures mapping. If you used game studio to create bundles then it will also contains all information form dosbox.conf. And it looks like:

// ...
"gestures": [
"joystickId": 0,
"event": "dir:up",
"mapTo": 265
// ...

This file can contains any configuration that you want. You can access it with Command Interface. For example:

const ci = await Dos(/*element*/).run(/*bundle url*/);
const config = await ci.config();

This snippet will print inforamation about gestures that config has. It's a very powerful feature, it can be used to add new optional features to js-dos. Read how to add client-side features in emulators-ui Contributing guide.