js-dos 8.xx Help


The simplest API to run DOS/Win 9x programs in browser or node.

js-dos is a frontend for emulators that provides nice UI and infrastructure to run DOS or Windows programs in browser.

It provides full-featured DOS player that can be easily installed and used to get your DOS program up and running in browser quickly. js-dos provide many advanced features like multiplayer and cloud storage. All available features are enabled for any integration and free.

The key features:

  • Works in worker or render thread

  • Support execution in Node and Browsers

  • Multiple backends: DOSBox, DOSBox-X

  • Mobile support (v8 - WIP, v7 - production)

  • Able to run huge games (like Diablo, etc.)

  • Multiplayer support

  • Cloud storage

  • WebAssembly and pure JS versions

Last modified: 11 июля 2024