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In getting started tutorial we will launch Digger game in browser.



  • Digger was created in 1983
  • Creator Windmill Software
  • Category Arcade
  • Age rating +0
  • Platform PC

Digger is one of the first PC game. The game was created in 1983. Let`s try to bring this legendary game in our time.

To run this game in browser you will need a zip archive with game, and a server that can host static web page. You can start with a template plunk, codepen:

 1 <!doctype html>
 2   <html lang="en-us">
 3     <head>
 4       <meta charset="utf-8">
 5       <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
 6       <title>js-dos api</title>
 7       <style type="text/css">
 8         .dosbox-container { width: 640px; height: 400px; }
 9       </style>
10     </head>
11     <body>
12       <div id="dosbox"></div>
13       <br/>
14       <button onclick="dosbox.requestFullScreen();">Make fullscreen</button>
16       <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
17       <script type="text/javascript">
18         var dosbox = new Dosbox({
19           id: "dosbox",
20           onload: function (dosbox) {
21   "", "./DIGGER.COM");
22           },
23           onrun: function (dosbox, app) {
24             console.log("App '" + app + "' is runned");
25           }
26         });
27       </script>
28     </body>
29   </html>

First of all we should prepare viewport where dosbox will render the game. Look at line 8 we set the dosbox-container size to 640x400 px. This means that Digger will runs in screen with resolution 640x400 px.

At line 16 the js-dos-api.js was included. After processing this line, browser will download js-dos internals and prepare js-dos engine to work.

Finally we should bootstrap Digger game in browser.

1 var dosbox = new Dosbox({
2     id: "dosbox",
3     onload: function (dosbox) {
4"", "./DIGGER.COM");
5     },
6     onrun: function (dosbox, app) {
7       console.log("App '" + app + "' is runned");
8     }
9   });
  • id - a HTML element id where dosbox will create the dosbox canvas
  • onload - a callback that was called when dosbox is initialized
  • onrun - a callback that was called when dos application was runned

On line 4 we actually start the game:

1"", "./DIGGER.COM");
  • First argument is the place where archive with digger is located
  • Second argument is a executable file name

Now you can run Digger or any other dos game in browser.

Have fun!